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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping is a gentle practice that helps facilitate the process of releasing deeply held emotional patterns that may contribute to pain, discomfort, stress, and limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential. It involves focusing on an issue(s) and tapping through a series of points based on meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are now over 100 clinical trials studying the effectiveness of EFT and how EFT works, and studies show that tapping on a series of specific acupuncture points while saying specific statements related to your issue(s) and memories reduces cortisol, calms the limbic (emotional) system, decreases the activity of the amygdala, affects brain waves, changes neural pathways and brain activity, and affects gene expression. You can learn more in Science Behind Tapping by Dr. Peta Stapleton.

In a sense, tapping while focusing on a specific issue helps reduce stress and emotional distress and helps us to think more clearly. This then allows us to reconsolidate our memories, changing our relationship to our issues, negative feelings, and past events so that we can live in the present moment without being triggered into a physiological state that reminds us of something in the past, which then causes us to repeat old patterns.

This mind-body practice can be utilized to quickly and permanently resolve issues such as: chronic pain, overwhelm, negative thought patterns, phobias, relationship challenges, personal blocks, and more!

If you are looking for support to find new possibilities in yourself, you have come to the right place. Change is possible. We are human and we have brains that can continue to learn throughout our lifetimes, allowing us a great capacity for change. And we must be gentle in this process. Safety is necessary for learning and for healing.
I look forward to supporting you in your process of change.

Getting Started!

Please book an Initial Free Consultation with me to see if EFT is the right fit for you and to see if I’m the right practitioner to facilitate your journey. I require the initial consult to make sure we’re a good match for working together. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Read my article on the EFT International Website, “Building Resilience Using EFT and the Feldenkrais® Method.”

“Fritha introduced me to EFT in a unique atmosphere of empathy and professionalism. In her work, Fritha gracefully walks the fine line between making me feel taken seriously without creating any ‘heaviness’. On the contrary, Fritha’s EFT work suggests curiosity, self-respect and self-knowledge as viable strategies to sustainably process and heal challenges. I deeply trust Fritha’s expertise and although the EFT work with her addresses ‘road-blocks’ in my life, I am always looking forward to working with her and am left feeling ready for growth, empowered and joyful after our sessions.”
Ninette Rothmüller

“When I think of my experience with Fritha’s teaching, what comes immediately to mind is trust. I trust both her Feldenkrais teaching and her EFT guidance – her precision, her insights, her thoroughness, and her warm presence. While I am also a Feldenkrais teacher, I had never heard of EFT before experiencing it with Fritha. I took a chance on it because of my trust in her. I am now intrigued with EFT! Working with Fritha, I have felt safely and meaningfully guided and supported to greater clarity, ease, and vitality! I am forever grateful.”

“It has been truly life changing to work with Fritha. Last year, my daily life became taken over by anxious feelings. I was experiencing intense panic, and quite literally at a loss for how to move forward. From the moment I arrived on Fritha’s porch, I knew I was in good hands. She was attentive, patient, and willing to create a personalized plan that catered to my goals. This plan included doing extended sessions that involved 45 minutes of EFT Tapping and 45 minutes of hands-on Feldenkrais movement. The combination of doing both EFT and Feldenkrais in the same session was an unlock for me. I was able to move through tough emotions, reimprinting them so that their hold on my nervous system and body lessened. I would often enter these sessions with Fritha with a tight chest and a myriad of emotions, but I always left feeling clear in both body and mind. I highly recommend doing hour and a half sessions if you can! This is such important work and it felt incredibly effective to give my body abundant time to relax and repair. The techniques Fritha has trained in are powerful, but it’s truly her general nature and disposition as a healer, in combination with these trainings, that make her an unbeatable member of a care team. She’s incredible, and I cannot thank her enough for her healing during a tough and scary time.”
Amelia M.

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