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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping is a gentle practice that helps facilitate the process of releasing deeply held emotional patterns that may contribute to pain, discomfort, anxiety, and limiting beliefs that hold us back from reaching our full potential. It involves focusing on an issue(s) and tapping through a series of points based on meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

There are now over 100 clinical trials studying the effectiveness of EFT and how EFT works, and studies show that tapping on a series of specific acupuncture points while saying specific statements related to your issue(s) and memories reduces cortisol, calms the limbic (emotional) system, decreases the activity of the amygdala, affects brain waves, changes neural pathways and brain activity, and affects gene expression. You can learn more in Science of Tapping by Dr. Peta Stapleton.

In a sense, tapping while focusing on a specific issue helps reduce stress and emotional distress and helps us to think more clearly. This then allows us to reconsolidate our memories, changing our relationship to our issues, negative feelings, and past events so that we can live in the present moment without being triggered into a physiological state that reminds us of something in the past, which then causes us to repeat old patterns.

This mind-body practice can be utilized to quickly and permanently resolve issues such as: chronic pain, anxiety, negative thought patterns, phobias, relationship challenges, personal blocks, and more!

Why EFT?

At some point during my Feldenkrais® training I realized that the process of changing movement patterns was fundamentally tied to changing behavioral patterns. As Moshe Feldenkrais understood, they are one and the same.

Our movement habits are our habits of mind. Our habits of mind are reflected in our bodies and our movements. When we hold on to old patterns, we often activate these patterns in current situations, even when they don’t apply to the current environment. Until we process and release these particular physiological patterns from our bodies, it can be very difficult to change. Dr. Feldenkrais described this as the difference between acting out of compulsion versus acting with spontaneity. Our habits and patterns developed out of intelligent responses in the original environment or situation. They served us well. When we feel they are no longer serving us well and they are getting in the way of our feeling capable, loved, free to be ourselves, then we are ready to find new options.

With EFT I have found an additional tool to access potential for change. EFT and Feldenkrais® both access our abilities to slow down, listen, sense habits, and learn new possibilities which allows us to improve function, feel more ease, and live more in alignment with our authentic selves. Feldenkrais® allows us in through the experience of our bodies and habitual tensions, and through the movement lessons we get to experience ourselves in new ways, which changes the neural pathways in our brains. EFT provides us an entry point through language and emotions, but keeps us in touch with our body sensations and helps us understand how our emotional experiences live in our bodies.

I offer EFT sessions as well as integrate EFT into my Feldenkrais® practice because I believe both of these practices utilize the profound intelligence of our nervous system and our ability to heal, and I believe in great potential for deep and lasting change through both of these modalities, and in utilizing these two modalities together.

If you are looking for support to find new possibilities in yourself, you have come to the right place. Change is possible. We are human and we have brains that can continue to learn throughout our lifetimes, allowing us a great capacity for change. And we must be gentle in this process. Safety is necessary for learning and for healing.
I look forward to supporting you in your process of change.

Getting Started!

Please book an Initial Free Consultation with me to see if EFT is the right fit for you and to see if I’m the right practitioner to facilitate your journey. I require the initial consult to make sure we’re a good match for working together. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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