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Fritha will again be co-hosting
  the Global LGBTQA
   Feldenkrais® Festival


November 15-20, 2022


Fritha Pengelly

Connor Voss

Frederick Schang


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Join Fritha for a free

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class

on Tuesday, May 28 from  
12noon – 1pm

at APE

as a part of Lynn Peterfreund’s Residency!

Dance for Parkinson’s Northampton

hosts Rob Mermin of

The Parkinson’s Pantomime  Project (PD Mime)

Tuesday, June 11, 2-4pm

Studio Helix, Northampton MA


Made possible by Friends of Dance for Parkinson’s Northampton.

Contact Fritha to register – space is limited!

This workshop explores methods for adapting basic pantomime and circus techniques to help people with Parkinson’s cope with movement limitations. Pantomime (mime) involves visualization, body language, nonverbal communication, articulation of gesture, and creative use of imagery and space. Mime is a valuable method to enhance perception of one’s immediate movement problem, visualize a better result, and overcome the limitation through focused action. 

The circus games involve manual dexterity (basic juggling), balance, coordination, development of reflexes…and lots of fun! Mime and circus techniques together foster an awareness aimed at bringing ease of movement to daily activities. For people with PD and their caregivers.

Rob Mermin is the founder of Circus Smirkus. He trained with legendary mime Marcel Marceau before embarking on a 40-year career in the theater and circus worlds. Rob lives in Montpelier, VT.