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The Center for Feldenkrais and Movement Arts

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There are myriad reasons that may have led you to the Center for Feldenkrais and Movement Arts, whether it is
chronic pain, interest in learning or improving a skill, struggles with anxiety, or general curiosity.
We welcome you no matter your interest!  


Beginning May 1, 2024 Porch Sessions Resume!

In-person Feldenkrais sessions are available on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons on my front porch. If you require a bathroom and/or prefer an indoor, climate-controlled setting, please contact me directly to schedule your session for a Monday morning in my Florence office. Thank you!

Please inquire if you have questions.


The Feldenkrais Method® offers potent possibilities for learning, improving how we function, increasing ease and comfort in our everyday lives, and reducing wear and tear of our tissues and joints.  

We all have habitual ways of moving, and we can develop inefficient habits if, for example, we try too hard when we are learning or are compensating for an injury. Even after recovering from an injury, unless we take the time to un-learn our new compensation patterns, we can maintain habits we no longer need – long after the original injury has healed. And these new habits often lead to other difficulties or pain.  

Practice is key to learning a new skill. And re-learning to sit, stand, walk, or improve any activity requires practice. The habits we have developed over the years have been practiced a long time! That way you tilt your head always a little to the right, or the way you tend to stand more easily on one leg, or when you sit cross-legged the left leg is always in the front… were practiced over and over and over again.  

Unless we take the time to pay attention and notice our deeply ingrained habits, and then offer new choices, we will continue with the patterns that may or may not suit us, and ultimately may be causing us pain.  

The most effective way to get the most out of this process of learning is to dive in and practice regularly. Learning and change take time and commitment. Schedule your Initial Functional Integration Lesson to get started, and I will be happy to discuss what makes sense for you.

**Feldenkrais® and EFT utilized together can offer potent and profound possibilities for change as we can address the relationships between any emotional and physical movement patterns in a more directed way. If you would like to work with both of these modalities in the same session(s), I highly encourage it!

I look forward to meeting with you to see if Feldenkrais® and/or EFT is the right fit for you.

“In a perfectly matured body which has grown without great emotional disturbances, movements tend gradually to conform to the mechanical requirements of the surrounding world. The nervous system has evolved under the influence of these laws and is fitted to them. However, in our society we do, by the promise of great reward or intense punishment, so distort the even development of the system, that many acts become excluded or restricted. The result is that we have to provide special conditions for furthering adult maturation of arrested functions.”

– Moshe Feldenkrais 


Initial Consultation Fee:
Initial Session (75 minutes): $135

Single Feldenkrais Session Fees:
Single session (60 minutes): $115
EFT and Feldenkrais Session (90 minutes): $170
5-Session package (60 minute sessions), $495 (10% off) – must be used within 6 months of purchase: Pay HERE

*Cancellation Fee (less than 24 hours): Full Rate 
Note: Practitioner will waive the cancellation fee if a session is cancelled due to sickness or an emergency. If you are sick and think you probably won’t make the session – please try to give 24 hour notice. Thank you.

“I first came to Fritha’s quiet space two months following knee replacement surgery. While my knee was healing well, my hips, back and arm were in chronic, and then acute pain. I could not sleep and barely walk. I understood that this was the result of almost two years post-trauma to the knee. As an active senior used to pushing through minor pains, I was deeply concerned that this might be permanent. When I voiced this to Fritha, she simply said “let’s see!” Slowly, with slight movements, she taught me how to name and then move my body, helping me to counteract default positions I had fallen into. Over only a few sessions, I could walk with little pain. Over the following weeks, she relieved painful areas that I had grown used to. Fritha is highly trained, but it is more than her training that is curative. Her attention to the body is complete. Barely 5 months post-surgery I am hiking 2-3 miles without any pain at all…I feel as I did as a much younger woman. Thank you, Fritha.”
– Janet Nelson

“Fritha brings experience, skillful practice, and compassion to the experience of the Feldenkrais Method. My sessions were followed by relief from chronic pain pathways established from a response to life events including multiple surgeries due to a car accident. The re-education of posture and its influence on my nervous system through observations, guidance, and instructions in the framework of the Feldenkrais Method, alongside the skillful application by Fritha improved my self-awareness and ability to self-correct patterns for the benefit of moving more efficiently, more fluidly and less painfully. I am now able to better enjoy the activities of my daily life which in my 60th year include hiking, weight training, and hobbies such as cooking and reading which previously were impaired by neck pain, and now are not. Thank you, Fritha. You have accumulated, synthesized and applied a wealth of knowledge to share with your clients and I am grateful for this opportunity.”
– S.D.

“I think one of the single greatest benefits I received in working with Fritha was the experiential knowledge that problems that I thought were fixed were actually quite fluid. Due to a back surgery in childhood I had lived all of my adult life not aware of how my body was moving and how some of the ways it was trying to protect itself was actually causing more pain. Fritha’s gentle and compassionate approach allowed me to begin to trust her in the process in order to reestablish a connection with my body and how it moves. Over time this has diminished much of the pain that I initially sought out her services for. I highly recommend Fritha and Feldenkrais as a way of forming a deeper connection with your body, as well as working through chronic pain patterns and allowing new ways of movement to form.”
– Mary Lutkus

“It has been truly life changing to work with Fritha. Last year, my daily life became taken over by anxious feelings. I was experiencing intense panic, and quite literally at a loss for how to move forward. From the moment I arrived on Fritha’s porch, I knew I was in good hands. She was attentive, patient, and willing to create a personalized plan that catered to my goals. This plan included doing extended sessions that involved 45 minutes of EFT Tapping and 45 minutes of hands-on Feldenkrais movement. The combination of doing both EFT and Feldenkrais in the same session was an unlock for me. I was able to move through tough emotions, reimprinting them so that their hold on my nervous system and body lessened. I would often enter these sessions with Fritha with a tight chest and a myriad of emotions, but I always left feeling clear in both body and mind. I highly recommend doing hour and a half sessions if you can! This is such important work and it felt incredibly effective to give my body abundant time to relax and repair. The techniques Fritha has trained in are powerful, but it’s truly her general nature and disposition as a healer, in combination with these trainings, that make her an unbeatable member of a care team. She’s incredible, and I cannot thank her enough for her healing during a tough and scary time.”
Amelia M.

“I would recommend Fritha Pengelly to help with any stiffness or body aches and pains. She really tunes in and the Feldenkrais approach is gentle and effective. I was able to get over foot and leg pain and back to walking.”

“In 18 months, sharp pain in my hip had reduced my exercise to nil and increased my waist to new widths.  My doctor said it was arthritis, and I should get used to it and just take more Omega-3 oils.  I wasn’t sure about Feldenkrais, but I was confident in Fritha.  In the first session, Fritha watched me step forward; lightly moved my hip joint just a bit without any pain; and gave me 3 tips to think about as I walk.  Simple! The next morning, the pain was gone.  During the second session she explained with confidence what she had done and why.  My weight was now properly aligned.  I just needed to apply those 3 slight changes long enough for them to become habit.  Now – 3 months later, I have a spring in my step; and I look forward to exercising  on a stationary bike, in the pool, walking up sand dunes, or climbing the stairs. Thanks, Fritha!”
– Alison M. Jones, Director of No Water No Life

“I have experienced Fritha as both a movement teacher and a hands-on practitioner of Feldenkrais and have enjoyed and benefited from both. With joint and disc issues, I was looking for a strengthening movement class that was safe enough for me. As a teacher, Fritha offers a grounded and warm presence and clear, thoughtful instructions. Her classes start out with gentle, mindful movements and build to more vigorous movement. The wonderful progression she uses allows me to find ease and effortlessness even as the movement sequences get more physically demanding. The magic of Feldenkrais for me is dropping under the muscular-skeletal effort and finding a place in my nervous system that is calm, quiet and easeful to move from. This is really important for me to build strength in a safe and healthy way. I have had only a couple of hands-on sessions with Fritha, but she brings all her teaching skills and more to her hands-on work. She observes carefully and mindfully. I arrived at one session very bound up in my neck and back, feeling stiff and immobile. After each gentle intervention I felt my breath deepen spontaneously and flow return to my body. After an hour of gentle and subtle hands-on work, my joints and muscles were able to unwind and have more ease and flow. I would recommend her classes and hands-on work to anyone who wants to feel more connected to themselves in a loving and easeful way.”
– Lucy H.

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