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Relieving Back Pain  


Instructor: Fritha Pengelly 


ONLINE Workshop
August 15, 2020


“This feeling of the spine lengthening accompanies most actions of the body when they are properly carried out.” – Moshé Feldenkrais from ‘Awareness Through Movement’

Do you have chronic low back pain? Does your spine feel twisted and compressed and generally uncomfortable? What do you do when you are in pain and are afraid to move? 

Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® classes offer a slow and gentle approach to changing old habits and encouraging new possibilities. Students are encouraged to move gently and only within a range that feels comfortable and easy. This allows the nervous system to sense what is safe, and one can begin to improve overall functioning in order to relieve the stress and strain of inefficient patterns.

Workshop will include exploration of two Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons with a specific focus on improving the functioning of the spine, and will include time for discussion and questions.

No experience necessary – all are welcome!  

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Low Back Pain – It isn’t about Core Strength by Ira Feinstein https://feldenkrais.com/low-back-pain-isnt-core-strength-2/

A Different Way to Relieve Years of Back Pain by Lisa Rein https://www.feldenkraisandmovementarts.com/blog/ 

$25 (early-bird), $35 after August 8