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Empowered Approach to Bladder Health

With Ruth Ever and Fritha Pengelly

ONLINE Workshop Series
(limit 18 participants)

*January 3, 10, and 17, 2024*

5pm-6:15/6:30pm EDT

Using Whole Woman practices and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

This series will be a deeper dive into ways we can support bladder functioning beyond the physical realm. It works best for those who have already taken our Empowered Approach to Pelvic Health workshop, but is open to anyone. Please reach out to us if you are new to this work. 

The bladder is a sensitive organ, with a direct nerve connection to the brain. Sometimes the physical challenges we face (e.g. leaking, urgency) increase our anxiety and challenge our confidence in our ability to know and regulate our body or what our body is telling us (do I really need to pee right now?). 

Over the course of 3 sessions, we will briefly review the Whole Woman (WW) posture and toileting techniques, discuss a healthy microbiome system and foods that can support our bladder. We will then focus on releasing any limiting emotions that are getting in our way of a strong and supportive bladder-brain-pelvis connection. We will do this with guided visualization, writing, sharing and short Emotional Freedom Techniques practices each time, along with a smattering of energy medicine practices to strengthen and balance our energetic field.  

Our goals: By end of sessions, participants will:
*Further understand how the WW posture and breathing support bladder health
*Review toileting techniques that are best practices for bladder health, fully voiding, reducing prolapse impact
*Identify limiting beliefs about the bladder and emotions that negatively impact the bladder
*Practice accepting and then letting go of limiting beliefs
*Strengthen and stretch pelvic region with exercises
*Increase confidence in ability to take charge of bladder health 

Bio for Ruth: Ruth is a public health practitioner with over 30 years of experience as an educator and prevention specialist. As a certified Whole Woman® practitioner, Ruth uses natural, research-based, non-invasive and fully-clothed techniques to address pelvic discomfort and bladder issues. She is committed to helping women better understand and then shift how their pelvic organs are supported through solid explanations, posture, breathing and exercises. http://www.ruthever.com/


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“This was a great opportunity to talk about issues which are not generally freely discussed with others. It was great to learn techniques that empower women to deal with bladder issues. We do not have to be “victims” of our bodies.”
– Lucy, Amherst Mass

“The Empowered Approach to Bladder Health workshop offered me excellent additional resources besides the foundational one. I had the opportunity to locate possible emotional issues surrounding bladder health and be in compassionate dialogue with them. I also came away with excellent resources and it was lovely to be in a group with such skilled facilitators!”
– Workshop Participant