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Balancing the Flexors and Extensors

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In order for our spines to function well we need our flexors and extensors to be in balance. If as we are standing we are working to hard in the front or the back, the opposite side has to compensate and work harder, too, to keep us upright. If we can balance the front and back of ourselves we can find more ease of movement, less tension overall, and more length through our spines.

1 review for Balancing the Flexors and Extensors

  1. catherine leyreloup Mayne

    Amazing! I began this lesson tense and tired and after it totally restored me and I felt Fritha’s gift of how she articulates a class is the potent grace she imbues. The theory applied with the movements and how we resist and this awareness, wow! A class I shall often repeat especially when I don’t sleep well, delicious!Thank you SO much!

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