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Spring! In Your Step Class 3: Intro to Walking


This is the third class in the Spring! In Your Step Series.

The first two lessons in this series explore the toes and stepping without having to deal with habitual relationship to gravity. In this lesson you will explore the process of transitioning from one leg to the next in a standing configuration. Take the time to shift your weight from the right leg to the left. What is different? How do you breathe when you stand on your right leg and how is it different from standing on your left leg? You will explore how to find the power and support from your heels, explore standing on different aspects of your leg and hip joints, and find more power from the ground up.

You can do each of these classes individually or purchase all three to explore how they build on each other. Do them over the course of three days, or find the time to explore them all on the same day! Take a walk in between each class. See if you can find more support from the ground that invites a spring in your step.


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