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On the forearms, finding the top of the hip joint

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The head of the femur bone, which is the top of the thigh bone that fits into the hip joint, is a round surface – so, when we stand on the highest point of our hip joints, we are standing on top of a round surface. This lesson explores the possibility of finding that place where we can be tall and very much on top of our legs without falling off to the side of the joint. If you are interested in improving the efficiency and comfort in walking, this is a good lesson to explore.

1 review for On the forearms, finding the top of the hip joint

  1. catherine leyreloup Mayne

    Finding the hip joints I found that amazing the pause… before ……. it has really opened a new door of possibilities and awareness! It was really interesting how my habits could be changed through this pausing . I also really enjoyed the end where we had to integrate what we were doing on the floor- to standing up and it helped make me- this was a real elevating moment of sheer delight! Thank you! Also to incorporate the breath, was really helpful in softening up and integrating everything especially the spine-wow!

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