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Sensing the quality in the hands

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Do you hold tension in your hands that you have no idea is there? Take some time to explore small movements of the wrist and forearms to find more support for your upper limbs which can provide a softness in your hands.

1 review for Sensing the quality in the hands

  1. Catherine

    I must say I absolutely loved the benefits of this class in the discovery of having the shoulder back taking pressure off the hand! They were a few vital clues at the very end which were for me, a pot of gold! I shall always repeat this class when I miss use my mouse with my mouse hand because I’ve been suffering for a long time and it’s so easy to put right once you make the connections! Fritha Navigate it’s so beautifully and so gently, she always leave space exploration and in this class I needed to know what I was doing wrong , what I was missing how I was miss using my mouse hand on the computer; and somehow Fritha weaved that in magically into the lesson! not always easy to know what one should feel or how to go about feeling it so this was such a beautiful lesson as I think all of her lessons are!Thank you, thank you Fritha!

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