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Spring! In Your Step Class 2: Toes and Stepping


This is the second class in the Spring! In Your Step Series.

Are you directing forces through your skeleton for length as you stand and walk, or are you falling and catching yourself with every step?

After exploring the toes in the first lesson begin to sense how you can differentiate and move the big toes individually. This exploration leads to sensing how this small movement resonates through the whole self – the pelvis, spine, and head… as for walking. You will spend some time in this lesson on all fours to see how the toes relate to stepping and how we organize ourselves on each leg for walking. Notice if you stand tall on your legs or if you fall off your hip joint!

You can do each of these classes individually or purchase all three to explore how they build on each other. Do them over the course of three days, or find the time to explore them all on the same day! Take a walk in between each class. See if you can find more support from the ground that invites a spring in your step.


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