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Sternum Becoming Flexible

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Are you struggling with tight neck and shoulders? Would you like to explore how to reduce the effort in your neck so that you can support your head with ease?

This lesson invites you to explore how to utilize the ground and support from the pelvis to find more ease in the head and neck, and will also bring attention to the relationship between the sternum and ribs to supporting the movement of the head.


1 review for Sternum Becoming Flexible

  1. Catherine (From the UK)

    I loved this lesson as it taught me about my sternum, something I never ever bothered about!
    Now I realize how vital it is, and the connecting to the ribs and the other side the spine (in a 3D perspective) fascinating!
    Wow how I can use my body to make my arm lighter and the pubic bone-hello! I never know it could connect to my sternum! This is Nobel prize winning stuff hey!
    I must repeat this lesson. It was great that someone in the class asked about something I also was unsure about, but didn’t get it until it was done on the other side!
    What a great class. Thank you!

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